Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cole Tile, Siding and Executive Master Bath in Bungalow# 1

As some of you might know I have been working on a television program . Myself and my crew have completely redone the exterior siding and trim of Bungalow 1, of The Chaz Dean Salon. In addition we have done all of the interior trim, tiling, and solving issues with different aspects of the job. As we go threw the season you will see my progress on the many different projects. I have photographed these to take you along my behind the scenes journey.

This is the Exterior Upper Balcony Floor tile and Siding (Facing Fountain Street).

This is also a Exterior view of Upper Balcony Floor Tile (facing Parking Lot at Chaz Dean Salon)

Glass tile being Installed in Shower Area.

Chaz Deans Master bath in progress Floor and Wall tile installed working on Shower area.

Here is the competed project of Chaz Dean’s Salon Executive Master Bath

A Closer view of Shower Area.

This is the Shower floor with a chrome shower drain.

I hope you enjoy watching our progress as much as I enjoyed working on the Cole project at The Chaz Dean Salon.

Come back and see me again and my progress


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